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UCL Community and engagement of culture award winner AYBI

And his blog presentation speech CEO album car soon receive the ward from UCL University could gauge meant and CEO album Carson received an award from UCL University Community and engagement award winner 2019

UCL Culture

AYBI breaking barriers

AYBI CEO explain the ethose behind real talk box mentoring program


AYBI Feedback form students at leighton College SEN

AYBI Feedback form students at Leighton Collage SEN

SEN & Disabilities

AYBI We have been delivering weekly sessions to young people aged 16-24 with SEN & Disabilities With majority being under the Autistic spectrum

AYBI Young People with SEN and disabilities

AYBI Young People with SEN and disabilities find it hard to engage and take part in social community activities. Due to personal, mental physical, and social barriers that have been imposed in their lives.

Special Education Needs and Disabilites in Camden

AYBI Making Boxing accessible for people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities in Camden

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