The Real-Talk programme combines non-contact boxing training with group ‘circle-time’ discussions and one-to-one work using a range of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), social life skills training, motivational teamwork skills activities and goal setting.
Weekly sessions are delivered at local schools and Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), by mentors with combined qualifications and experience in delivering REBT/CBT techniques, mindfulness and boxing training. An academic programme lead and qualified teacher has also developed materials to support the Real-Talk programme in relation to goal setting.

Session Core: Group discussion What You Need To Pass
Intervention & Prevention Six Point Attend all 12 sessions on time

  • Identifying interjected values. Attend Assessment & Feedback.
  • Self-awareness development Be able to Evidence CBT& REBT
    AYBI Tools on worksheets.
  • Identifying irrational beliefs Learn and demonstrate 8 short
  • Managing thoughts, feelings and behavior combination as well as associated
    Building and maintaining motivation Footwork.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle balance Maintain a positive attitude
    Towards Peers and coaches.
    Engage in all session activities.
    Benefits Of Boxing

Teaches self motivation Dependent on discipline and control attributes
•Channel aggression positively
• Exorcising frustration and negative experience in
Structured environment
Personal Development Impacts
 Self—awareness of irrational belief though
 Form rational concepts using basic CBT&REBT
 Being able to control aggression
Increased self-esteem, motivation& confidence
 Increased fitness levels
Develop individual pathway plans
Employment and training opportunities

Peer Mutual Aid Support

After successfully completing AYBI Real Talk
A young person over the age of 16 can then undergo
2weeks intensive facilitators training program
Empowering them to start a social Change amongst
Changing Irrational Beliefs Changes negative Behavior

What will You Achieve?

  • AYBI Real Talk Intervention
    Awards certificate of completion
  • Box England non-contact Trainer level1
    Nationally recognized credited certificate
  • Development awards/gifts such as
    AYBI logo T-shirt’s, vouchers & many more

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