Sessions & Projects

Action Youth Boxing Intervention houses several different projects / sessions:

Fight Club – Free classes for young people from 8 years to 14 years on Saturday morning at 10:30 am – 11:30 am. When you have gained enough technical boxing skills you will be put forward to our box England qualification.

Fit & Fed – During the half terms and summer breaks we run a multi-sport camp for young people from the age of 8 to 15 years old. You can come along learn, practice and perfect your skills in boxing, trampolining, football, arts and crafts from 9am to 3pm.

Real Talk programme – AYBI has a programme that we run in schools for young people. The programme covers mainly boxing skills, how you think about yourself and the way that you behave. You learn about how your brain works and your decision making. It is a 12 week programme that mainly takes place in schools.

Under the Ring – Create a video essay/ music video about life in Camden, the effect of “youth violence”. The reality and how it is represented in the media. We create a space and time for you to think and respond creatively to your experiences of violence in the community. Film making is a way to get your voice heard, create understanding, raise consciousness in the community and change the narrative!

Music production – We are lucky to have a small mini studio where young people can come a use the equipment to put down a few bars or produce their very own tune. Our studio is a great chance to learn a new skills, experiment and practice.

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